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Locker room in fight venue

Training in boxing has always been considered strong passion and daring men. However, since 2009, women’s boxing is also an Olympic sport , so now boxing can be considered a sport for all strong and courageous people .

The historical roots of boxing go back to ancient Greece , the winner of the Minotaur Theseus , in Greek mythology , was the founder of the sport. But if the myth- that boxing has been recognized as a sport in England in 1719. Since then enthusiasm for boxing has expanded to many countries around the world .

Boxing workouts help to raise the level of physical development. Strength , endurance , high endurance and stamina , excellent response and coordination – qualities that are generated when doing boxing. Visit to the boxing section is so popular among teenagers. School Boxing attracts children to regular and active participation in sports , popularizing the sport among teenagers , prepares a sports reserve.

In addition to health benefits , training in boxing in St. Petersburg, create a sense of self-confidence , reduce the likelihood of ill-considered behavior. Enthusiasm for this challenging and interesting type of martial arts can be very useful in complex emergency situations.

At the sports club “Ladoga” functioning school of boxing . It carries the name ten times world champion Yu Ya Arbachakova . Attend school can both beginners and amateurs, and professionals alike . Each of the age and skill groups receive training appropriate to their needs .

Head coach boxing school in St. Petersburg “Ladoga” II Ruzhnikov – winner of the Goodwill Games , the champion of the Soviet Union , the European champion , world champion , Merited Master of Sports . Boxing coach is also customized training.


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