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Раздевалка теннисного корта
СаунаTennis is gaining more adherents all over the world.

The reasons for the popularity of this sport very much:

  • play tennis at any age;
  • very beautiful sport;
  • tennis contributes to the development of physical, mental and volitional qualities of man;
  • with regular visits to the tennis courts harmoniously developed muscles, improves the function of the heart, increases blood circulation and increases lung capacity;
  • tennis players have produced agility, quick reflexes, endurance, and develops good eye.

An interesting illustration of the effect of stimulating and inspiring tennis can serve as a view of the legendary comedian Igor Ilyinsky. He said that tennis was for him a kind of thermometer. If on the court he could be alive and brisk, even on the stage, said Ilinskiy, it will be mobile and agile. Igor was sure that he could not play in the fifty years of the inspector general, if not regularly engaged in tennis.

The value of tennis for children’s development in general is difficult to overestimate. In addition to physical development, will help the child to become a tennis-willed, single-minded and sociable person.


If we have convinced you of the merits of this wonderful sport , we invite the tennis courts !

Tennis in Sank Petersburg – one of the most popular sports. After all, for the inhabitants of the metropolis is important not only exercise, but also the emotional intensity of the game. Very often, a sense of fatigue associated with mental overload and passive recreation and recuperation can not help . But the muscular load , accompanied by positive emotions contribute to truly rebuild their forces. The game of tennis and raises the mood and helps to create a beautiful figure .

Our tennis club for a workout protected from the weather tennis courts, sand , equipped with heating and ventilation system. You can visit them all year round. Double-layer design protects the awning from any vagaries of the weather.

Tennis in St. Petersburg and is popular as a professional sport, and a passion for people of different ages. All are surrounded by tennis fans, we care. And teaching children to engage experienced and qualified coaches.